Electric vehicle charging solutions


Car heating and charging units are equipped with 16 A circuit breakers. Also available as a special order, 4, 6, or 10 A breakers. The RCCB 25 A / 30 mA ensure the safety of the user.

All unit models have two grounded electrical outlets that are slanted to facilitate the connection of the plug to the socket.

As a time switch is used a clock or a digital watch equipped with a 2-hour switching cycle.

The coupling plate is located at the top of the housing, due to which the coupling plate of the cable is sufficiently large and installation friendly. Coupling plate (5×16 mm) suitable for 3-phase chaining.

The housing is shock-resistant and frost-resistant polycarbonate, which has 25% glass. The case is classified as fire V0 class. The lid is lockable for the duration of installation to the open position. For this purpose the cover and the body have small holes.

The unit housing cover has a reliable lock. Lockless boxes are also available.

A wall mounting bracket is available as an option. When attaching the box to the wall without fixing the angle or back to back to the same pole the mounting plate is removed from the box, which makes the bottom of the mounting holes easily accessible.

Charging solutions references

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