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Modern infrastructure consumes ever-increasing amounts of electricity. Harju Elekter contributes with products and project knowhow focused on sustainability and cost efficiency.

Demand for power is steadily growing

Numerous functions within the infrastructure of a modern society depend on a reliable supply of electrical power. This need is nothing new but the increasing number of electric vehicles, for example, clearly indicates the need to expand and strengthen the power grid.

At Harju Elekter we have chosen to focus our cutting-edge expertise on a selected range of applications. The common denominator is the need for a reliable supply of electricity to buildings, or to railbound or battery driven vehicles.

Key requirements are fault-free equipment and cost-efficient solutions that offer high potential for both monitoring and control.

Powering railbound traffic

Our solutions for railbound traffic include complete installations with everything from rectifiers to disconnectors. Much in demand from Harju Elekter are unequipped technical shelters for protection of electronic equipment for railbound traffic.

In the area of railbound traffic, demands are high and compliance with prevailing standards of the utmost importance. Since Harju Elekter has been active in this market for many decades, as the customer you can choose us for your project and rest assured that you have the right supplier.

A typical project can include the installation of a new air insulated switchgear, a rectifier station, transformers and a complete control system. Our network of suppliers and our leading-edge competence give us an edge in the project, whether it’s a complete rectifier station or an unequipped technical shelter.

Harju Elekter handles civil and construction work, and installation and commissioning where specified, working within AB 04, ABT 06 guidelines, or similar. AB 04 are applicable where the customer is responsible for the design of the project and Harju Elekter for the execution. ABT 06 are usually applied to procurement and contracts when the project will be handled by Harju Elekter on a “design and construct” basis.

Electrification projects in ports

Harju Elekter electrifies ports! This includes shore connections to ships and power supplies to cranes. We also handle street lighting and signals projects.

A typical project can include a primary station on the quay for ship connections. This can be complemented with a facility supplying general-purpose power to the harbour area.

Vehicle charging

Harju Elekter builds solutions for supplying power to vehicle fast charging facilities, including roadside commercial charging stations and charging points in bus depots and truck garages.

When connecting the fast charging facility, we work in compliance with IBH21, thus ensuring correct, safe connections. One of our substation versions is specifically designed to supply power to vehicle charging equipment and, where specified, we complete this offering with cable housings, site preparation, and installation.

Many commercial sites and industrial and office complexes are rapidly installing charging points for their customers and personnel. For this purpose, Harju Elekter can supply the equipment needed to strengthen the power supply.