Security information

Name of security:Harju Elekter aktsia
Security ticker:HAE1T
ISIN code:EE3100004250
Regulated market:Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange; Baltic Main List
Date of listing:30. september 1997
Number of securities:18 289 508

All shares are freely negotiable on the stock exchange and each share confers an equal right to vote and to receive a dividend. All the shareholders of the company are equal and there are no separate restrictions or agreements concerning the right to vote. According to the information available to AS Harju Elekter the agreements concluded with the shareholders do not include any restrictions related to the transfer of shares; neither do they include any specific power of audit.

Harju Elekter has no-par-value share. Book value of a share is 0.63 euros.

Trading history

Key share data
Number of shares (in thousand)17,739,88017,739,88017,739,88017,739,88017,855,220
Par value of a share----
Opening price2.855.
Highest price5.086.685.25.2610.50
Lowest price2.803.894.013.205.20
Closing price5.
Change (%)76.6-,7%
Traded shares (pc)1,349,617

Turnover (million)5.465.982.354.9915.85
Capitalization (million)88.773.0974.6891.89134.06
Earnings per share, EPS1.640.090.140.310.15
Dividend per share0.*0.14
Dividend rate (%)
Dividend/net profit (%)**100.0206.6129.851.096.2

*       Management Board’s proposal
**    from regular activities=Profit attributable to owners of the Company minus extraordinary income from the sale of PKC Group Oyj shares
***  take into account the profit from sales of investment (PKC Group Oyj shares) in 2017