Company history

Overview of Harju Elekter History


2018AS Harju Elekter acquired Swedish company SEBAB AB, a provider of sales and technical solutions, and its subsidiary Grytek AB, a manufacturer of pre-fabricated technical buildings.
2017AS Harju Elekter purchased an 80.5% holding in Energo Veritas OÜ, a company trading in electrical materials and equipment. After the transaction, the business operations of Harju Elekter Trade Group will be merged with Energo Veritas OÜ, who will continue as a subsidiary of the Group.
2016Harju Elekter purchased 100% of shares of the Finnish real estate company Harju Elekter Kiinteistöt Oy.
2015AS Harju Elekter acquired a 10% holding in the ultra-capacitors’ manufacturer Skeleton Technologies Group OÜ.
2015Harju Elekter increased its holding in Lithuanian subsidiary Rifas UAB (as of today: HARJU ELEKTER UAB) to 100%.
2014Harju Elekter sold its holdings in Draka Keila Cabels to Prysmian Group who now owned 100 per cent of shares of Draka Keila Cables.
2014Satmatic Oy, a 100% subsidiary of AS Harju Elekter in Finland, signed a contract for the purchase of all shares in Finnkumu Oy, Finland’s largest pre-fabricated substation producer. Finnkumu Oy continue to operate under its own name and brand as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Satmatic Oy.
2012In addition to the existing 51% holding, AS Harju Elekter has acquired from a Lithuanian private individual a further 12% holding in its Lithuanian subsidiary Rifas UAB, resulting in an increase of the holding of AS Harju Elekter in the company to 63%.
2010Representitive and sales organisation Harju Elekter AB was founded in Sweden with the AS Vallin Baltic in 2010. The share of Harju Elekter in the company is 100%.
2007Harju Elekter sold its holding in the associated company AS Saajos Inexa.
2006Sales organisation SIA Energokomplekss was founded with the Latvian leading producer of electrical installations and other Latvian undertakings in 2006. The share of Harju Elekter in the company is 14%.
2005Harju Elekter's 100% subsidiary AS Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika based to electrical equipment factory of Harju Elekter was founded in 2005. Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika is a leading manufacturer and distributor of MV/LV distribution units in Baltic countries.
2003Harju Elekter purchased 51% of shares of the Lithuanian company Rifas UAB. The core business of the newest subsidiary is the manufacture and sale of electrical control and distribution units and the design and installation of industrial automation equipment.
2002100 per cent of the shares of Satmatic Oy (previous subsidiary of Siemens) were bought by Harju Elekter. The core business of the company is manufacturing equipment for power distribution network, industrial and automation systems for the energy and industrial sectors.
2002A sales agreement was signed between AS Harju Elekter and PKC Group Oyj (Finland), under which PKC will acquire all the shares of AS AJT Harju Elekter. After transaction the company will be PKC Group’s 100% subsidiary with the new name PKC Eesti.
2002The Cable Harnesses Factory starts operations as an independent factory under the name AS AJT Harju Elekter in April 2002.
2000Harju Elekter sold its holdings in Glamox Harju Elekter to Glamox ASA (Norway) who now owned 100 per cent of shares of Glamox HE.
1999In March 1999 AS Saajos Balti got one more strategic investor – Inexa A/S (Denmark) whose marketing network covers the shipbuilding market worldwide. The shares of the company are equally divided between the three partners (HE 33,3%, Oy Saajos International Ltd. 33,3%, Inexa A/S, Taani 33,3%). The core business of the factory is manufacturing of fireproof doors for the construction and shipbuilding industries worldwide.
1998The fire proof doors factory of Harju Elekter starts operations as an independent company under the name of AS Saajos Balti (HE 55% – Saajos International Oy, Finland 45%).
1998100 per cent of the shares of AS Eltek (since 18.4.2011 AS Harju Elekter Teletehnika) were bought by Harju Elekter. The core business of the company is the production of data communication and telephone network distribution cabinets and sheet metal cases and boxes.
1997The shares of Harju Elekter are noted in Tallinn Stock Exchange. From the year 2002 Tallinn Stock belong to the Group of Helsinki Stock Exchange.
1995Started production of fire proof doors with co-operation of Finnish company Oy Saajos International Ltd.
1993Harju Elekter was reorganized into a joint stock company.
1992AS Glamox Harju Elekter (HE 49% – Glamox, Norway 51%), the associated company of Harju Elekter was founded in 1992. Main products of Glamox are various light fittings and electrical heaters. The company is the market leader in Estonia in its field.
1992AS Draka Keila Cables (HE 41,2% – Nokia Kaapeli, Finland 58,8%), the associated company of Harju Elekter was founded in 1992. The company produces installation cables and low-voltage power cables. AS Draka Keila Cables is the market leader in its field in the Baltic’s.
1991Started production of cable harnesses. Present the factory operations under the name PKC Eesti and it employees more than 500 people.
1988Started co-operation with foreign companies.
1983Started operations under the name of Harju Elekter.
1968Started production of electrical equipment. Today the Electrical Equipment Factory of Harju Elekter employed 130 people and the factory is the market leader in Estonia on its field.

Harju Elekter Group celebrated 50th anniversary in 2018 with a digital history book.

History book “Harju Elekter – a half-century at the top” (pdf 123,8MB)

History book “Harju Elekter 40 – Forty productive years” (pdf, 3,8 MB)