Real-Estate Management

We have extensive experience in developing and managing industrial real estate, offering both commercial and industrial space solutions for energy-efficient buildings.

With more than 50 years’ experience, our strength lies in our knowledge of various industries and their specific needs, which enables us to offer suitable solutions for our clients.

Harju Elekter deals with real estate in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Lithuania.

80 haReal estate sites
124,800 m2Developed space of industrial


7 sites

In Estonia we have 69,14 ha of sites, with developed industrial real estate of 90 300 m².

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Allika Industrial Park


3 sites

In Finland Harju Elekter owns 2,79 ha of real-estate, with developments of 7,565 m².


1 site

By the end of 2022, the new production building in Västerås was completed – 6282 m².


1 site

In Lithuania Harju Elekter owns 3,3 ha of real-estate with developments of 16,449 m².

In April 2021 our step 4 factory building extension of 8,591 m² was completed.