Our offering for


Harju Elekter offers electricity distribution systems and equipment for industries that consume large amounts of electricity or produce electricity for the power grid.

Process industry, data center or solar park?

Harju Elekter contributes to ensuring a stable power supply for companies in the process and manufacturing industries, data centers, and other operations.

In a data center it may involve ensuring reliable server operation and continuous cooling 24/7. In a manufacturing process, it could be protecting essential pumps, fans or conveyor belts from power outages.

If you operate a wind farm or a solar park, we have the electrical equipment you need to connect to the energy company’s network.

Where we are responsible for the entire project our offering typically includes project management, construction of the facility, and supply of technical shelters, transformers, switchgear, relay and control systems, SCADA systems, and more. We also handle site preparation and building work, installation and commissioning, working within AB 04, ABT 06 guidelines, or similar.

Solar park or wind farm

Harju Elekter builds the stations required to connect solar parks and wind farms to the power grid. This is similar to our offering to the Energy Sector.

Industrial production

The manufacturing and processing industries rely on a stable supply of electricity. Examples are electricity to processes where essential machines, ovens or conveyor belts must be protected from possible power outages.

Harju Elekter can contribute by supplying a substation, or transformers and medium or low voltage switchgear for installation in your facility.

Data Centers

To supply electricity to the server halls, Harju Elekter’s solutions typically include technical shelters with medium voltage equipment, transformers and low voltage switchgear. The equipment can be installed in a separate E-house. One or more E-houses located outside the data center can supply the electricity needed to operate the servers and cooling systems without taking up valuable space inside the building.

A Harju Elekter E-house is a complete transformer station ready for fast commissioning. It comes as a prefabricated modular unit, housing pre-assembled, prewired and pre-tested equipment.

The way we work

At Harju Elekter the key to our successful deliveries is our structured, systematic approach to our projects, with regular reviews and close customer contact. In addition to our resources in Sweden, we have access to expertise and resources within the Harju Elekter Group and selected partners. We perform FAT tests at our production facilities in Sweden or Estonia or, where specified, at our preferred suppliers.