Rail & Infra

We help keep things moving

We have several years’ experience in providing solutions for railways, metro, and tram systems. We also serve ports by supplying power to ships in the harbour and to harbour cranes. Our Infrastructure product range also includes heating and charging solutions, ensuring the quality charging for electric vehicles.

Rail-bound traffic

One of our focus areas is rail-bound traffic, where we supply complete solutions, including everything from rectifiers to disconnectors. Very much in-demand from Harju Elekter are empty equipment housings for the protection of electronic equipment for rail-bound traffic.


Our other special area within Infrastructure is installations requiring electrification e.g., harbours requiring shore connections to ships and power supplies to cranes. We also handle street lighting and signal projects.

Car charging solutions

Harju Elekter is a major player in car heating units as well as in electric vehicle charging solutions. Every year, we deliver thousands of heating and charging units to customers who appreciate performance and quality.

How do we work?

With infrastructure projects, demands are high and compliance with prevailing standards is extremely important. Harju Elekter has worked in this market for several decades, so as the customer, if you choose us, you can rest assured that you have the right supplier.

Our network of suppliers and our leading-edge competence keep us ahead, whether it is the construction of a complete rectifier station or an empty equipment housing. For us, every project is of equal value and maximising the possibility of the customer returning in the future is what we ultimately strive for.

When it comes to solutions for infrastructure projects, Harju Elekter’s philosophy can be summed up with values such as quality, type-testing, safety, and experience.

Project Cases