Primary station, Värtahamnen, Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden


The Port of Stockholm’s strategy is to make it possible for ships to connect to electricity at quay locations when ports and quays are rebuilt or when new ones are built. Värtahamnen has been rebuilt, and all quay locations have been prepared for the possibility of connecting to electricity. Also, in Stockholm Norvik Harbour, all quay locations have been prepared for electricity connections.

Harju Elekter Sweden, together with Bravida Installation/Kraft, SEBAB, has built and delivered electrical connections to the Port of Stockholm in Värtahamnen, one of Sweden’s largest ship moorings.


Bravida and the Port of Stockholm


Värtahamnen, Stockholm

  • Primary station
  • Transformer stations
  • Substations

Technical description

In consultation with the customer, a new primary station has been built on the quay that delivers 24 MVA for, amongst other things, 5 x 4 MVA to the ship connections of 11 kV. In addition, a transformer station with 3.2 MVA, 11 / 0.4 kV for general power within the port area has been installed, plus three substations in the quay areas for communication.

The plant is built with high redundancy, with the incoming electrical connection from two different directions to medium voltage switchgear A and B, which then supplies 5 x 4 MVA and 2 x 1.6 MVA transformers. For each ship connection, there is a separate medium voltage switchgear that automatically connects the ship mooring’s electric power via five compartments, each to guarantee connection-connection safely.

For general power, there is the same high availability, with two transformers and two plug-in low-voltage switchgear, 3,000A, with measurement on all outgoing groups via a SEBvision SCADA system that controls, measures, and monitors the plant from Stockholm Harbour’s central control room. Automatic billing to the ship takes place via this system upon connection.