Rectifier station in Roslagsbanan, Arninge



From June to December 2018, the double-track Hägernäs – Ullna Mill Road was built, and in connection with it, a new station, due to open in 2022, is being built at Arninge. The line was moved west and now goes closer to E18, where a new travel centre will facilitate switching between bus and train and become a natural starting point for living in Hägerneholm, the new residential area, and commuting to work.

Project started



SL, Stockholms Lokaltrafik


Arninge in Täby, north of Stockholm


Prefabricated concrete station with necessary electrical equipment

Technical description

Arninge Station consists of a prefabricated concrete station that is mounted on site. In this, there is a 24 kV medium voltage switchgear, SNC, with supply from Ellevio. Supply takes place to the rectifier, station transformer and an NS station for Arninge.

The rectifier is of the type “controlled” 1,500 V DC with plus, minus and 4 P-compartments for supply to the track.

Transformers LT and ST have 400 V Switchgear with a backup power supply and automatic switching cabinets KA1, KD1, KD1-1 and telescopes as standard.

The disconnectors are located outdoors with minus cabinets.

Medium Voltage Power Distribution Equipment references