Supervisory Board members


Endel Palla

Born: 19.06.1941
Education: Tallinn University of Technology, engineer

1969-1985 Harju KEK, manager of electrical equipment production division
1985-1999 Harju Elekter, incl 1991-1999 AS Harju Elekter CEO/Ch of the Management Board
since 1999 Ch of the Supervisoy Board of AS Harju Elekter

Arvi Hamburg

Born: 19.12.1948
Education: Tallinn University of Technology

1968 – 1990 Estonian Energy, vice president
1990 –  1992 Estonian Industry and Energy Ministry, deputy minister
1992 –  2001 Estonian Ministry of Economy, diferent positions incl councillor and deputy general secretary
2001 –  2011 Eesti Gaas, councillor. Incl 2006-2010 TTU, a guest lecturer
2012 –  2016 TTU,  Engineering Dept, dean
2016 –           Member of Board of Governors and Visiting Professor in Tallinn University of Technology (TTU)

Aare Kirsme

Born: 8.11.1975
Education: Institute of Justice (since 2001 UT Faculty of Law), law

1998-1999    Estonian Land Board, lawyer
2000 – 2013 AS Harju KEK, consultant
2002-2011    AS Devest, lawyer
2012 –          AS Harju KEK, Member of the Supervisory Board

Triinu Tombak

Born: 7.01.1971
Education: Tallinn University of Technology

1993 – 1998 Estonian Investment Bank, Optiva Bank. Loan dept, investment dept.
2001 – 2009 World Bank Publishing dept, since 2006 sales manager of on-line databases and e-Library
2014 –         TH Consulting OÜ, manager

Andres Toome

Born: 9.01.1972
Education: Tallinn University of Technology, economics and business administration

1992 – 1999 Estonian Bank, Estonian Investment Bank, Optiva Bank ja Sampo Bank Estonia, head of investment dept.
1999 – OÜ Tradematic, manager