To become an electrician in a year is a mission possible

11.11.2022 Blog

Harju Elekter Lithuania, located in Panevėžys, is one of the largest and most reputable companies in the region. The company provides detail engineering, contract manufacturing and full load testing services for marine and industrial system integrators.
Local residents see the company as a reliable employer and they know very well that in order to get a job in this company, it is not necessary to have the profession of electrician – it can be acquired while working and on the same time studying at the company’s academy, which the company has been successfully running for several years together with the Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Training Center. Last year the company hired more than 70 new employees.

From a beautician to an electrician

Ieva Malinauskaitė, who took the opportunity to participate in this vocational training program, is great proof that in just one year it is possible to acquire new skills that she did not have before. Currently, she works as a Quality Control Engineer. Before starting her new career, the 29-year-old Ieva graduated as a beauty therapist-cosmetologist from Vilnius College. Ieva says that for a while it seemed like a dream come true, but later doubts began to plague her. “I worked for one company all those years. When I saw that I was no longer improving and no longer had anything to strive for, I started looking for another job. I accidentally found Harju Elekter’s job ad. Electrotechnics was unknown for me, I only had knowledge from school, but after some consideration, I decided to completely change my life and learn new skills,” said Ieva.

Electrifying Tomorrow at Harju Elekter

Ieva said that many things helped her to decide, including a higher salary and a team. “I had heard good reviews about the company. After starting working here, I can only confirm this myself,” she said. “At first it was not a job directly related to electricity. I assisted the quality controllers in checking the products,” Ieva added. While working, she became more interested in the work of controllers. “I saw how my colleagues read diagrams, how they work with various devices, check the electrical circuit and I became more interested. I started asking the controllers to teach me: explain what the devices do, how they work, etc. I would say that curiosity led me to where I am now,” Ieva said.

During that time she saw the employer’s announcement about the vocational training program and the opportunity to acquire the profession of electrician at the Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Training Center. Without hesitation, I signed up for the training, which appeared to start at the perfect time for me.” Ieva said that at first she was frightened by the fact that she did not have any knowledge related to electricity. “There were a lot of new things and some of them were difficult to understand. But the teachers were great! I could turn to them at any moment and get answers to my questions. Although the field was completely different from what I had previously learned, I soon got into it,” Ieva said. At the vocational training center, she received new knowledge, from the basics of electricity to more specific academic knowledge that was required for work. The processes related to practice were well supervised and coordinated by the masters working in the company.

Ieva also emphasized that her relatives supported her on this journey: “At first they were a little surprised, why electricity?” But they always supported and encouraged me to move forward.”

Currently, she has been working in the company for three years. She finished her studies in the previous summer and acquired the profession of electrician. When asked about her future plans, she said that there are still enough challenges for her in this job. But that’s what she really likes.

„At first they were a little surprised, why electricity?” But they always supported and encouraged me to move forward.

“Physics is a science that you have to study every day and my work is far from being monotonous. Now I work as a Quality Controller, which means that I can work with electricity and read electrical diagrams. I still have many questions and I think there won’t be fewer of them in the future, so I will have to improve and learn,” she assured. The specifics of the company’s activities also provide a dynamic and development-friendly environment: the company, which creates the highest category of electrical products, works on the basis of project specific orders. Therefore, employees need to constantly improve their competence and update their knowledge – with tomorrow in mind.