Changes in the Management Board of Harju Elekter Oy

05.10.2023 Harju Elekter Finland Market Announcements

AS Harju Elekter Group announced on 15 June 2023 that they have commenced the search for the Managing Director of Harju Elekter Oy. Today, the competition has been successfully concluded and on 2 January 2024 Jari Jylli will become the Managing Director of Harju Elekter Oy. Until then the company’s interim Managing Director role is being fulfilled by the Chief Financial Officer Anne Penttilä.

Jari Jylli has been working at Cimcorp Group in various leading positions for almost 17 years and he has a solid track-record in operations and automation. He obtained his higher education at Satakunnan University of Applied Sciences in 2005. Jari Jylli does not own Harju Elekter shares.

Harju Elekter is an international industrial group with extensive experience in providing future proof solutions for electrical power distribution. We engineer, manufacture, and install electrification solutions for utilities, industries, infrastructure, public and commercial buildings. The entities of Harju Elekter Group in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Lithuania employ around 1000 people, and the Group’s revenue in the first six months of 2023 was 102 million euros.


Tiit Atso
Chairman of the Management Board
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Prepared by:
Marit Tack
Corporate Communications Manager
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