Renewable Energy

Renewable energy sources must be exploited

Our Renewable business is growing at the same pace as we move towards the fossil-free society in which we would like to live. Harju Elekter’s intention to contribute to a sustainable society is an important foundation for our operations. We supply technology to various types of renewable power plants including solar, wind, biogas, hydro, and fuel cell projects.

The interest in renewable energy sources for electricity generation is growing, particularly for dwellings, agriculture, and smaller businesses. Harju Elekter supplies equipment for connecting renewable energy solutions to the national power grid.

How do we work with renewable energy sources?

We often work under contract and our experience of installations comes in very handy when we manage a project complying with local standards, which can include, for example, equipment for a wind farm or a hydro-power project.

In projects of this type, our experience and our network of relevant partners play an important role. Every project has its challenges, from SF6-free installations to load balancing of the charging infrastructure in a residential area.

We are electrifying tomorrow with sustainable solutions!

  • Solar panel systems
  • Wind farms
  • Battery storage
  • Charging stations