Industry & Automation

A reliable power supply keeps industry up and running

The manufacturing and process industries rely heavily on a stable power supply. Our contribution is to supply electrical equipment for industrial buildings, commercial premises, and assembly lines.

Harju Elekter manufactures thousands of different automation solutions annually. Our deliveries are focused on the needs of demanding industries such as paper, metal, material handling, cable manufacturing and packaging.

Unique Engineering

In the Engineer-To-Order (ETO) environment we produce customer-specific products that often require unique engineering or design work, or significant customisation activities. Typically, a huge variety of parts must be managed and delivered by several third parties. As ETO products are well-tailored, they are often built from difficult-to-source and expensive parts, and highly engineered components.


We offer ranges from power distribution centres for buildings to complete process switchgear installations.


We manufacture and deliver all the required cabinets, from small local control enclosures to dozens- of-meters’-long automation systems, based on customer criteria.

How do we work with industrial and automation solutions?

Quality of our deliveries

All solutions are tested, before delivery, and certified according to the latest prevailing standards. The extent of the testing is defined by the customer, from the wiring test to the different types of workshop tests.

Thorough project management

Our local design and production put us close to you and makes our offering unique. Our knowledgeable site managers oversee the daily operations, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

With Harju Elekter as your partner, you can feel secure from order to delivery. If you need help on-site or an upgrade to your installation, our Service team is standing by to assist you.

Sustainable solutions

To live up to our promise of sustainable solutions, we often make suggestions regarding the choice of components and design. We continually strive to supply the market with the latest sustainable technology.

Typical solutions

  • Low and medium voltage switchgear
  • Distribution boards for buildings
  • Battery cabinets
  • Backup power
  • Automation and control cabinets
  • Control desks, -panels, -boxes
  • Relay/interlock relay cabinets
  • Pneumatic cabinets